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A separate area of activity of the company Poroloner - acoustic design. Our goal - the creation of acoustic comfort in your room, whether it is a home theater, a recording studio, an office, a concert or a multi-room.

We provide a range of services:  

  • Acoustic design (at the planning stage) of any premises, where it is assumed sound reproduction;
  • Acoustic correction of premises performed with trim;
  • Acoustic treatment rooms - selection of acoustic and decorative materials - guidelines for their proper use to create acoustic comfort in a room (consultation with the provision of material samples);
  • Design project of interior space, combined with the acoustic design;
  •  Recommendations and the selection of audio equipment;
  •  Author's supervision.

We design and manufacture acoustic materials, components / structures (both standard and custom), which not only solve the problem of improving the room acoustics, but also fit perfectly into the interior of the premises. So we are ready to perform for you non-standard elements of decoration to give a complete acoustic design of the form, do not violate the general idea of acoustic and interior projects.

There are several key parameters that will help to give the correct recommendation.
Also this will help a detailed description of the problem or problems your room.

1. Plan of premises

  • Dimensions (walls, windows / doors, height)
  • Purpose room.
  • Windows / doors, all massive objects.
  • Location speakers, listening position, etc.

2. Photo

  • Photographs of the four corners of the room, which shows how the walls are connected to the floor and ceiling.
  • If you have complex elements such as curves, niches, etc., they should be given special attention.
The send us materials for These  Consultation or the non-a binding and free for you.